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Cloud with Twilight Small Medium Power Lift Chair #PR515-SME

Cloud with Twilight Small Medium Power Lift Chair #PR515-SME

$2,920.00 Regular Price
$2,540.00Sale Price

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Enjoy the next generation of wellness positioning power lift recliners! The new PR515 comes standard with our PowerPillow™ and power lumbar support for even more comfort and positioning options. This luxurious power lift recliner features two incredible patents combining our extremely popular MaxiComfort® Cloud™ positioning and Twilight Technology that provide superior comfort and quality found only at Golden. Achieve extreme Zero Gravity and TV positions while enjoying the world’s finest rejuvenating seating experience!

Proudly Made by Americans (with domestic & imported materials)

*MSRP listed does not include Brisa® fabric upcharge.


The MaxiComfort® Cloud Power Lift Chair with Twilight positioning using our patented 5-motor cradle technology offers an array of rejuvenating options to ease the body and mind.

Twilight positioning is like no other seating system in the world..

Our 30-degree angle takes the usual TV watching and Zero Gravity reclining positions to a whole new level. Only Twilight offers a TRUE zero gravity sensation.

Our newly redesigned hand control includes a “Lights Out” backlight feature!

Prepare for an exceptional seating and power lift recliner experience!


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  • Standard Features


    Our power lumbar features a solid metal actuator that offers firm support behind your lower back. The power lumbar pushes from behind the padding, meeting your lower back to provide support where you need it most. The benefits can be best felt when laying back in the chair.


    Our Power Headrests slide on an articulating arch, lifting and lowering your head in a natural curve. Other chairs “fold” you over like a burrito, even pushing your shoulders over, and do not provide proper ergonomic support. Only Golden’s power recliners featuring a Power Headrest or Power Pillow give you the correct support to provide you hours of comfort without pinching your neck.

    Additional Available Features:

    • Chaise Seat
    • Twilight Tilt Technology
    • Extra Pocket: Standard
    • Power Pillow: Standard
  • Standard Fabrics:

    Coffee Bean*



  • Specifications

    Weight Capacity: 375 lbs.

    Overall Width: 35.5"

    Overall Height: 44"

    Width Between Arms: 20"

    Distance Required From Wall Reclined: 23"

    Product Size: Small/Medium

    Recline Positions: MaxiComfort Patented Positioning

    Seat Depth: 18.5"

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