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Walker Glide Skis for 7/8" for 4095 Walker, #40028

Walker Glide Skis for 7/8" for 4095 Walker, #40028

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$9.95Sale Price

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Optimizes walker performance and stability; attaches quickly to walker leg; no tools required; long lasting nylon material.. FITS item # 4095 series; 7/8 In. Shaft

  • Features

    • NO MORE TENNIS BALLS! Get Walker Skis! The ideal folding walker glide option for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Safe for wood floors and easy to clean.
    • ADDS STYLE, SAFETY & MOBILITY to your folding walker and easily glides over door jams and small barriers.
    • EASILY ATTACHES WITH NO TOOLS REQUIRED over metal tube of folding walker. Installs in just minutes.
    • UNIVERSAL FIT for all folding walker makes and models with 7/8” tube shaft diameter.
    • DURABLE & LONG-LASTING Walker Glide Skis are made of a special engineered Thermoplastic Polyoxymethylene (POM) - designed for strength, durability and maximum stability.
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