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Cambridge Medium Large Power Lift Chair Recliner PR-401-MLA

Cambridge Medium Large Power Lift Chair Recliner PR-401-MLA

$1,432.00 Regular Price
$1,049.00Sale Price

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The Cambridge power lift chair is new and improved! We’ve re-designed the backrest to give it a more supportive design, and re-sized both models to better fit more people. The PR401-MLA is the medium-large lift recliner style.

  • Contemporary Design
  • Deep-Seated Comfort with Ultra Soft Back
  • Simple Two Button Control
  • Easily Raise to a Standing Position
  • Gently Lower to a Seated Position
  • Recline for Extra Comfort
  • “Full Napper” Position
  • Superior Leg Extension
  • SmartTek™ Inside – Patent Pending Diagnostic System
  • Meets California Safety Code: Cal 117
  • Non-Skid Leg Levelers for Extra Stability and Safety
  • Easy Access Battery Back-Up System
  • Best Warranty in Industry
  • Lifting Capacity: 375 lbs.
  • Model Number: PR401L or Large (PR401L)

Proudly Made by Americans ( with domestic & imported materials)


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  • Standard Features


    Extend the length of the chair 3-5″ inches when fully reclined!

    Available on these models:

    PR401-SME PR531-T28
    PR401-MLA PR535-PSA
    PR510-MLA PR535-MED
    PR531-PSA PR535-LAR
    PR531-MED PR535-TAL
    PR531-LAR PR535-M26
    PR531-TAL PR632-MED
    PR531-S23 PR735-MLA
    PR531-M26 PR766-MED


    Minimizing Downtime.

    SmartTek® is a patented self-diagnostic technology standard on all Golden lift chairs. SmartTek notifies the user if there is an electrical malfunction with their chair, helping technicians to diagnose the issue quickly and easily over the phone, saving valuable repair time! SmartTek gives the repair technician a better understanding of what parts they will need to repair the chair before they even leave the office.

    How does SmartTek work?
    Golden’s patented SmartTek system uses three LED lights to signal when the chair is not functioning properly.

    You should first check that the chair is plugged into an electrical outlet, that the fuse or breaker for that outlet is properly working, and that all other connections are plugged together properly. If your chair is still not working, please check the following:

    The green LED lights can be found:
    1. On the two-button hand control for non-MaxiComfort® models. The MaxiComfort AutoDrive™ hand control features backlit buttons which serve as the SmartTek light for those models.

    2. On the transformer.

    3. On the wire that plugs from the motor into the transformer.

    If all three LED lights are not lit, the user should first check that the chair is plugged into an electrical outlet, that the fuse or breaker for that outlet is properly working and all other connections are plugged together properly.

    When the green LED on the transformer is not lit, it means that electricity is not getting to the transformer or there is a malfunction with the transformer and it needs to be replaced. When the green LED on the wire from the motor to the transformer is not lit (but the light on the transformer is), it means there is no power coming from the transformer to the motor.

    When the green LED on the hand control is not lit, or the buttons on an AutoDrive hand control are not lit, and the chair is not working, there is a possible defect with the hand control.


    The most sophisticated heat and massage system is available on select models of Golden lift chairs!

    Experience this luxurious massage system featuring:

    • Dozens of massage settings covering two different massage zones: one across the lumbar (lower back area) and one in the seat
    • Four massage motors provide relief to stiff, tired and strained muscles
    • 15 and 30 minute massage timers
    • Activate any of the massage zones while in Wave or Pulse massage settings
    • Independent adjustable massage intensity and speed settings

    Relax with soothing low and high penetrating heat.

    • Independent 30 minute heat timer
    • Soothe back muscles with our warming heat system
    • Low and high heat settings


    Golden Offers A Straight Lift Option

    Not Found On Most Other Power Lift Recliners!

    The straight lift option allows the entire chair to lift straight up instead of lifting and tilting forward when getting out of the chair. Lift chairs almost always require the user to be able to stand up to transfer into them or leave them by standing. The straight lift feature is designed to allow for other safe transfer options with the aid of a caregiver when gentle lift assistance is needed to enjoy the comfort of a reclining chair. It can also be used to raise the seat height when sitting if someone needs another comfort position.

    This option is available on all Golden models except for chairs with Twilight Technology (PR515 & PR761).

    Additional Available Features:

    • Left Hand
    • Removable Back Option Available
    • Extra Pocket: Yes


  • Standard Fabrics:

    Fabric Options:

    *Upcharge applies.




  • Specifications

    Weight Capacity: 375 lbs.

    Overall Width: 35"

    Overall Height: 44.5"

    Width Between Arms: 22"

    Distance Required From Wall Reclined: 19"

    Product Size: Medium/Large

    Seat Depth: 22"

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