SOFT OPAQUE Women's Nude Closed Toe Calf Compression Socks Knee High

SOFT OPAQUE Women's Nude Closed Toe Calf Compression Socks Knee High

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  • 79% nylon 21% spandex. Latex Free.
  • Ideal for business or dress attire, SIGVARIS Women’s SOFT OPAQUE Compression Calf Socks are fashionable, luxurious, and feature lasting microfiber softness in medical graduated compression hosiery.
  • BEST FOR: Tired, achy legs; occupational or evening edema; leg discomfort from long hours of standing or sitting, varicosities and swelling during pregnancy; swelling and risk of DVT associated with travel
  • COMPRESSION LEVEL: Graduated Compression of 15-20mmHg - Integrated pressure release zone with added length and reduced compression in foot area for improved comfort and increase venous blood flow.
  • FRIENDLY TO YOUR SKIN: Featuring advanced moisture management that keeps legs cool and dry, the stretchy knit construction provides a high degree of elasticity, making the stockings easy to put on and remove without compromising fit.
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: Featuring lasting microfiber softness, the comfort wide top band prevents knee-highs from rolling down. CARE: Hand washing is recommended, but you may machine wash on the gentle cycle with garment turned inside out.
  • Measuring Guide and Product Care

    Measuring Guide for Compression Stockings

    Measuring your legs for compression stockings, support socks, support hose, and gradient compression hosiery:.

    • For knee-highs: measure around your ankle and calf. Then, measure the distance from the floor to the back of your knee.
    • For thigh-high and pantyhose: measure around your ankle, calf, and upper thigh. Then, measure the distance from the floor to your upper thigh (bottom of your buttocks). 


    An Important Measuring Tip...
    If swelling is an issue with you, measure your legs, first thing in the morning, after you get out of bed. This is when swelling is at a minimum, and the size of your legs should remain once the swelling is eliminated. Each of our compression products has a sizing chart on the product page.


    Care Instructions

    • You can wash your garment by hand or use a washing machine
    • Placing your garment in a mesh laundry bag helps protect them during wash cycles
    • Use warm water, a mild soap or detergent 
    • Do not use chlorine bleach to clean your stocking
    • Do not use fabric softeners
    • Do not machine dry
    • Do not dry clean
    • Do not iron
  • Return Policy

    Returns are not accepted on open or partially used items or if box is damaged

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