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Cane Holder for STAR Series Rollators #CH-4200R

Cane Holder for STAR Series Rollators #CH-4200R

$21.95 Regular Price
$17.95Sale Price

We love this Cane Holder because it's made exclusively for our STAR series rollators. Now you can bring your cane along for the ride - without having to carry it! Fits models: 4262,4263, 4276,4278,4279,4286,4288,4289

  • Features

    • Exclusively for the NOVA STAR series rollators with oval-shaped frames
    • Allows user to bring cane along without having to carry it
    • Cane snaps easily in and out of the holder (fits7/8" diameter canes)
    • Easy to install (requires Phillips screw driver)
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